Sunday, 25 October 2009


The Mail writes bigoted headlines claiming to comment on society
Prime time viewing figures are given to the BNP
Millions are forced to go on the dole while the bankers take bonus pay
The army are sent to fight a pointless war, a new body sent home every day
Its more important how attractive you are than what you actually know
The famous are famous for being famous and there is no wisdom to bestow
Kids cant play out in the street anymore for parents bogeyman fears
They sit in front of their Xboxes, their ipods glued to their ears
No ones delivering letters, no one collects the bins
But the thing we seem to be most worried about are the votes for the Xfactor twins

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


The right to vote is widely recognized as a fundamental human right
"Iran's regime was doing its utmost to choke off the flow of news from its capital."

They will not be silenced
Irans leaders couldn't foretell
The human spirit cannot be contained
Within a government prison cell.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Dear Eleanor

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent"

Maybe I smiled and they assumed it was ok...

Friday, 1 May 2009

Its not you, its me

You've worked your socks off to keep my bank balance in line
You've done over a hundred hours in unpaid overtime
While I was off skiing you were covering my calls
Sorting out the clients whilst juggling the balls

You've worked very hard but now we have to let you go
We're grateful for what you've done and we wish it wasn't so
Its only business, nothing personal you see
And at the end of the day its not you that matters, its me.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sign of the Times

The child surveyed the scene
His toys thrown on the floor
His books stacked in wobbling piles
His games sticking out of the drawer

His paints sitting on the table
Awaiting a masterpiece
His cars lying in anxious wait
Wanting to escape the police

His planes all now were grounded
Dreaming of skies they had sored
The child turned around and looked up at me
And then declared "I'm bored".

Saturday, 11 April 2009


And then the Lord said

And let it be that to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice I made you shall prove your devotion to me,

By taking 4 days off work and driving your family to the beach where verily the kids will argue in the backseat for the whole journey

By going to the B&Q sale and attempting to destroy house with DIY whilst arguing with your wife on the colour scheme chosen for the bathroom

By eating chocolate eggs until you are sick, hyperactive or both

By watching the big family film on the telly that you already have on DVD

And the Lord said maybe the true message of Easter has been lost...oh well theres always Christmas....

Friday, 10 April 2009

Saturday Morning


Oh good morning sweetheart...

Do you want to get into bed with mummy and we'll sleep for a bit longer?

Yes I know its morning but its really early...

Thats a nice cuddle.

OK stop kicking

Stop wriggling

Stop farting...

Oh alright we'll go downstairs.

Here, I'll put the telly on and you let mummy snooze on the sofa ok?

No I don't know why the dog doesn't like the cat

The cats called Tom the mouse is called Jerry


JE rry..

No darling not Sherry, JErry...

No it's...

Ok, Ok don't get cross, the mouse can be called Sherry if you want to.

No its not because I'm wrong....

Ok ok I'm wrong and you're right...

Yes. Silly Mummy.

What do you want for breakfast?

No you can't have chocolate for breakfast

Because its not healthy

Because its not ok?

Look you just can't have chocolate for breakfast now please stop moaning and eat your coco pops.

Good Morning Son! Joining us for breakfast?

No I can't cook you a full English. Toast?

No I've got no porridge in. Toast?

No I've haven't any croissants either. Toast?

We're all out of eggs. How about some toast?

There you go do want fruit juice too?

Yes I know its not the right name for the mouse but just let her call it Sherry ok?

You two stop arguing....

You two stop shouting...

You two stop hitting each other...



.....Look I'm sorry I shouted, come on and have a cuddle

yes I'll try and be less grumpy...

Lets watch the telly...

..........who farted?

Away on business

I've washed the dirty dishes
I've scoured the cooking pots
I've cleaned out the bath tub
I've laundered your dirty socks

I've picked up your discarded newspaper
Paid all your bills that were due
And now I'm going to try and eat all of
a microwave dinner for two.

...I miss you.


This is just a little blog for me,
To try poor attempts at poetry,
And whilst I give blogging a trial,
I hope to make the reader smile.