Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Life to the full

At the end of 2009 I was in a rut. I had just resigned from a job I hated, that in all honesty looking back, was making me physically ill from stress.I felt lost, useless and alone. So it was, a few nights before New Years Eve I found myself after a few glasses of wine too many on twitter. Haven't we all been there? (I think it was Phil Jupitus who said internet providers should invent a blocker for when you have had too much to drink) I've rambled on before, those who know me well will know I'm good at it, but this was a ramble with direction. I was writing a list of New Years resolutions for all the world to see, I was saying "Enough now! I want to change things!" Some of the resolutions I made that night I kept, some I didn't, but what happened that night was I reached out. You know what happens when you reach out? People tend to reach back. You know what happens when you make positive steps to change things? Things change. A friend on twitter started nagging me to sort myself out. She never gave up nagging. So I decided to do what she was telling me to.

First thing that happened to me was I won a nights B&B at @HoptonHouseBnB I never bothered entering competitions before, thinking the odds were stacked against me too much. But this was a new positive Saz, right? And it was helping Karen (who's photos of her B&B and surrounding area cheered me up when I was feeling low, beautiful scenery always does) to promote her local business. I got a DM a few days later. My name had been pulled out of the hat! I couldnt believe it, I'd never won anything before! It slowly dawned on me this is because I'd never tried to win anything before. Maybe it was time to try harder.

Here are some of the things that happened to me each month of this year 2010 :

January: Helped to organise big tweet up at local pub, huge turn out and raised money for Severn Hospice.
February: Got job at Severn Hospice as assistant manager for one of the shops. Without a doubt the most rewarding job I've ever had.
March: Helped organise a Mad hatters tweet up at Severn Hospice.
April: Finally see Les Mis and took part in Severn Hospice Spring Walk (Got to top of Wrekin a few days later!
May: Got accepted on Shrewsbury Folk Festival team and started working with Paul at Virtual Shropshire, who shoved me in front of the camera to interview as many folk as possible!
June: Helped out at Severn Hospice Midnight walk. Best fun ever!
July: More work with Virtual Shropshire (thanks Paul!)
August: Production team member for Shrewsbury Folk Festival, amazing event and thanks to the kindness of Retty and Charles made two very wonderful friends.
September: Stayed at Hopton House. My favourite place in the world, I'm not just saying that, it is simply a little piece of heaven.
October: Manic time at work but still managed trick or treating with kids at halloween (thanks to Teressa for being the best witches house in town!)
November: Finally got my own little shop with Severn Hospice!
December: Said goodbye to my dear friend Val, who nagged me into applying for the Seven Hospice job and told me to try and turn my life around in December 2009

At the end of 2010 I look back with joy. I have a job I love, done things I love and most importantly made friends I love. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. x

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Real Ale and Harry Potter evenings

He's overly cautious with folk he's just met
But the loudest in the room if he's drinking
He'd never do housework unless under threat
You can never read just what he is thinking

He's stubborn as a mule
He's taken over my kitchen with his fiddle and endless tea
He snores loudly when he's on his back, then insists the noise is me!

He's never ready on time
He'll have you in stitches with the funny stories he tells
He knows everything there is to know about science
When he's angry you'll tread on eggshells

Sometimes he drives me up the wall
Sometimes he's my sanctuary
He makes me feel safe and secure
Whilst knowing I'm confident and free

I'd be lost without him
But I don't tell him so
He's not a romantic man
He's my true north
My best friend

he's just my Ciaran

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Blue Bird on my PC

All human life is behind the @ sign

From the business trying to drum up trade
To the Newsblog updating on the big bank raid
The blogger with an axe to grind
The politician keen to speak his mind
There's movie stars, sports stars and even a cat
Or a busy mum in need of a chat

Whenever I feel that the world doesn't care
When I think community spirit is no longer there
Whenever I think that humanity is long gone
I log on to twitter and I realise I'm wrong

Friday, 8 January 2010

Bedtime Diversions

Soft sweet hair sticky with chocolate spread
A frog princess collapsed on her bed
Won't you stay just a few minutes more
Heres a story we haven't read before

Before you switch off the bedroom light
Where do the sunbeams go at night?
Please fluff up my pillow, why do floorboards creak?
Please give me another butterfly kiss on my cheek

Just lie her mummy just a few minutes more
Dont leave me here alone dont shut the door
Tell me how Cinderella ends
Of course its not late, whats time amongst friends?

Friday, 1 January 2010

Resolution Revolution

Its time to start afresh
Get busy living or get busy dieing
Will I manage all these is 2010?
I don't know but I'll have fun trying!

1. Read "Travels with my Aunt" "The God of Small Things" "Rosemary and Rue" All recommended by Tweeters.

2. Attend a poetry reading session. (and pluck up the courage to read my own!)

3. Learn to knit. Now I know this one sounds silly but its a life skill I have yet to learn. (and I need scarfs!)

4. Learn to speak French. (More than "bonjour" and "vino sil vous plait")

5. Climb up the Wrekin (cue audible shock from all of Shropshire on twitter) Lived here 10 years, never been up there. Will rectify!

6. Dinner party. I've never hosted one. Really would like to. Anyone want to come?

7. Learn how to make a souffle. (see number challenge 6 for more details)

8. Raise £1000 for Race for Life. I do Race for Life for cancer research every year. Most I've ever raised is £300. Why not raise the bar? >> UPDATE Race for Life not in Telford this year! So changed to raising same amount for Severn Hospice who do loads for Cancer patients and their families.

9. Find my half sister. Not seen her for 20 years. Enough said.

10. volunteer. Not sure where yet. But I shall find somewhere that could do with a hand!

11. Learn the pennywhistle. (how to play it properly) Going to folk festival and want to be able to join in at sessions

12. Organise a big tweet up. Why not? You are all wonderful folk. :-)

13. OK here is a tricky one. conquer my fear of spiders. Any suggestions? (I cant do trips to the rain forest - too expensive)

14. Have a go at Am Dram. To be or not to be? and would any group want me? (happy to help with scenery if actors not wanted!)

15. Make preserves and home brew. Again, a skill my grandparents had and something I always felt guilty about not learning.

16. De junk house. This is a boring one, but practical. Intend to have a huge car boot sale and profits go to charity.

17. Pay it forward every day. You might already know what this means, if you dont you'll probably find out thru me over the course of 2010!

18. Ice skating. Never tried it. Will I brake my bum? Probably...

19. Plumbing. Let me re phrase that. Basic house hold maintenance. I shall go on a course and learn the basics. (or drown trying)

20. Write a new poem once a week. I get all these great ideas and do nothing with them!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


The Mail writes bigoted headlines claiming to comment on society
Prime time viewing figures are given to the BNP
Millions are forced to go on the dole while the bankers take bonus pay
The army are sent to fight a pointless war, a new body sent home every day
Its more important how attractive you are than what you actually know
The famous are famous for being famous and there is no wisdom to bestow
Kids cant play out in the street anymore for parents bogeyman fears
They sit in front of their Xboxes, their ipods glued to their ears
No ones delivering letters, no one collects the bins
But the thing we seem to be most worried about are the votes for the Xfactor twins

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


The right to vote is widely recognized as a fundamental human right
"Iran's regime was doing its utmost to choke off the flow of news from its capital."

They will not be silenced
Irans leaders couldn't foretell
The human spirit cannot be contained
Within a government prison cell.