Friday, 1 January 2010

Resolution Revolution

Its time to start afresh
Get busy living or get busy dieing
Will I manage all these is 2010?
I don't know but I'll have fun trying!

1. Read "Travels with my Aunt" "The God of Small Things" "Rosemary and Rue" All recommended by Tweeters.

2. Attend a poetry reading session. (and pluck up the courage to read my own!)

3. Learn to knit. Now I know this one sounds silly but its a life skill I have yet to learn. (and I need scarfs!)

4. Learn to speak French. (More than "bonjour" and "vino sil vous plait")

5. Climb up the Wrekin (cue audible shock from all of Shropshire on twitter) Lived here 10 years, never been up there. Will rectify!

6. Dinner party. I've never hosted one. Really would like to. Anyone want to come?

7. Learn how to make a souffle. (see number challenge 6 for more details)

8. Raise £1000 for Race for Life. I do Race for Life for cancer research every year. Most I've ever raised is £300. Why not raise the bar? >> UPDATE Race for Life not in Telford this year! So changed to raising same amount for Severn Hospice who do loads for Cancer patients and their families.

9. Find my half sister. Not seen her for 20 years. Enough said.

10. volunteer. Not sure where yet. But I shall find somewhere that could do with a hand!

11. Learn the pennywhistle. (how to play it properly) Going to folk festival and want to be able to join in at sessions

12. Organise a big tweet up. Why not? You are all wonderful folk. :-)

13. OK here is a tricky one. conquer my fear of spiders. Any suggestions? (I cant do trips to the rain forest - too expensive)

14. Have a go at Am Dram. To be or not to be? and would any group want me? (happy to help with scenery if actors not wanted!)

15. Make preserves and home brew. Again, a skill my grandparents had and something I always felt guilty about not learning.

16. De junk house. This is a boring one, but practical. Intend to have a huge car boot sale and profits go to charity.

17. Pay it forward every day. You might already know what this means, if you dont you'll probably find out thru me over the course of 2010!

18. Ice skating. Never tried it. Will I brake my bum? Probably...

19. Plumbing. Let me re phrase that. Basic house hold maintenance. I shall go on a course and learn the basics. (or drown trying)

20. Write a new poem once a week. I get all these great ideas and do nothing with them!

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  1. Great list!

    re Number 14 - Shrewsbury Theatre Guild needs you - check us out on Twitter @ShrewsTG and drop us a line