Thursday, 25 February 2010

Real Ale and Harry Potter evenings

He's overly cautious with folk he's just met
But the loudest in the room if he's drinking
He'd never do housework unless under threat
You can never read just what he is thinking

He's stubborn as a mule
He's taken over my kitchen with his fiddle and endless tea
He snores loudly when he's on his back, then insists the noise is me!

He's never ready on time
He'll have you in stitches with the funny stories he tells
He knows everything there is to know about science
When he's angry you'll tread on eggshells

Sometimes he drives me up the wall
Sometimes he's my sanctuary
He makes me feel safe and secure
Whilst knowing I'm confident and free

I'd be lost without him
But I don't tell him so
He's not a romantic man
He's my true north
My best friend

he's just my Ciaran

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