Saturday, 11 April 2009


And then the Lord said

And let it be that to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice I made you shall prove your devotion to me,

By taking 4 days off work and driving your family to the beach where verily the kids will argue in the backseat for the whole journey

By going to the B&Q sale and attempting to destroy house with DIY whilst arguing with your wife on the colour scheme chosen for the bathroom

By eating chocolate eggs until you are sick, hyperactive or both

By watching the big family film on the telly that you already have on DVD

And the Lord said maybe the true message of Easter has been lost...oh well theres always Christmas....


  1. And lo! For the Lord gave his only Son, as sacrifice, that his Chosen People might have Gameboys and portable DVD players and beaten up old Japanese MPVs.

    And thus was peace brought to all of the land, and all of the Lord's Chosen Peoples. Verily, even unto the back seat!


  2. :-) And the Lord saw the portable DVD player with the bumper edition Peppa Pig DVD, and he saw that it was good.